Peel Remote: The Only Smart Remote You Will Ever Need

Peel Remote: The Only Smart Remote You Will Ever Need

Devices are becoming smarter. Convenience is on the rise. Human intervention is reducing. Everything is going digital and almost all the appliances today come with a remote. While this makes things comfortable for us, can you imagine how many remote you’ll have to deal with if you’re sitting in a room with several smart appliances? Wouldn’t that be a sort of a catch-22 situation?

Why keep multiple remotes when you can get a multi-purpose remote, for free? Yes, Peel smart remote enables you to do that.

Multiple devices, one remote

Peel is compatible with hundreds of thousands of smart devices. This includes TV, set-top box, smart lighting, media streaming device, AC etc. It can work with almost any appliance which has IR capabilities. In the absence of IR-blasters, it can use the Wi-fi features of the device to pair your phone with it, provided phone and the device are connected to the same Wi-fi network.

Although there are several universal remotes available in the market today. But if you’re already using one of them, you know they cost you a big amount. Not only Peel smart remote app is free of cost, but it is also more feature-rich than those physical remotes.

A smart way of operating your TV

Peel is more than a simple remote app. It’s a next-gen technology which works as your dedicated TV watching assistant. Now you don’t have to find your way through umpteen number of channels to finally find what you may like to watch. Peel makes life easier for you by saving you from this unnecessary process.

From the moment you start using the Peel remote app, it begins to record each interaction and based on that, it understands your preference in terms of what kind of TV programmes you may like or dislike. It then shows you the recommendations in form of thumbnails every time you go to the home screen. And if you want more information on the show, you only have to long-press the thumbnail to get the synopsis. Even while you’re watching a cricket match on one channel, you can still check the details of an upcoming movie on some other channel without changing the channel.

Its intelligent TV programme guide updates you on what you recently watched and what programmes are trending. It also sends you notifications for the most popular movies or games, and the shows you may want to watch. And if you think you may forget the schedule of the programme, Peel TV app allows you to set reminders to watch it later. Not just this, you can even prepare a watchlist for one week in advance so that you don’t have to spend time looking for your favourite TV programmes. This means the app ensures a seamless experience of watching TV.

The remote which listens

Peel remote has an interesting and innovative feature–its voice recognition capabilities. You can simply speak to it and ask it to run specific control on your TV or other devices.

What’s even more fascinating is that in addition to hearing and recognising your voice commands, it can even interpret the context behind them. This means even if you can’t recollect the name of a movie, just tell it who worked in it and who the director was or what’s the storyline like. And the app will respond with the closest options.

So, the next time e you want to watch a movie with a long title like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, you don’t have to type it to find it. Just talk to the app.

Peel remote control app is clearly a single tool to operate so many appliances. Instead of multiple remote on your coffee table, this is all you need. Not only does it save you a lot of time and deliver you an exceptional convenience, but it also makes your coffee table look neat and room organised.

If you haven’t already started to use the app, you may want to give it a try. And if, prior to that, you need more details about the app or want to know whether it will work for you, please write to One of our team members will be available to assist you.

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